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Monarch Add-A-Furnace
Models  AF324A,  AF424A,  AF524A

We can supply parts for several models of Monarch Add-A-Furnace.
Please check your old parts for part numbers, and be prepared to supply both the model of the furnace and number of the part when ordering. If you don't see the part you need listed below, please ask. Other parts may be available, in some cases.
Add-A-Furnace parts diagram     Illustrated at left are fire box parts for Models AF324A, AF424A and AF524A. Some of these parts were used in other models as well.
    The parts listed below are currently available for these models. Please call or e-mail for pricing.

    205CH      Rear Lining
    206CH      Lower Side Lining
    217CH      Rear Flue Baffle
    221CH      Upper Rear Lining
    223CH      Upper Side Lining
    225CH      Grate Frame
    263CH      Sifter Grate

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