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Universal Wood / Coal Range

Cribben & Sexton

Replacement Fire Box Parts for many models including "Universal" and "Empress" 
by Cribben & Sexton Company
Chicago, Illinois

These fire box parts are available to fit many Cribben & Sexton ranges, including combination models. Please check your old parts for part numbers and supply this information when ordering. Although other numbers may be found on the back of your parts, the actual part numbers will appear within or beside a "box".

3557    Left Grate
3558    Right Grate
3356    Lining Rest (not pictured)

Cribben & Sexton grates

Liners are listed clockwise beginning at top
of photo (back of fire box):

3883   Back End (must be cut to fit)
2994   Left Fire Back
2993   Center Fire Back
2992   Right Fire Back
2765   Front End (for use with coal)
2995   Fire Front

A different set of liners (not pictured) was used to accommodate a water coil in the fire box. They were used with the same lining rest and grates listed above. Coil liners are available as follows:

3883   Back End
3885   Fire Back (1 of 3)
3886   Fire Back      "
3887   Fire Back      "
2782   Front End (for use with coal)
3555   Fire Front    

Cribben & Sexton Fire Box

View looking down into fire box.

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