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Lifter & Shaker Handles

Arctic lid lifter Arctic Lid Lifter
Old stock, never used, these lifters fit most stoves. While supply lasts ...
$30.  Nickel plated.
Monarch Lid Lifter Monarch Lid Lifter
New casting from an original pattern used by the Malleable Iron Range Company in Wisconsin.
Measures 8 1/2" long. 
$18. Plain cast iron, as shown,
$51. Nickel plated.
Monarch shaker Monarch Shaker
Original shakers made for Monarch wood/coal ranges, Malleable Iron Range Company. Marked "Monarch".
$25 - $55 depending on condition.
Majestic shaker Majestic Shaker
Original shaker for Majestic wood/coal ranges, Majestic Manufacturing Company. Marked "Majestic Ranges". Very nice, with original nickel plating.
One only. 
Quick Meal shaker Quick Meal Shaker  SOLD
Original shaker for Quick Meal wood/coal ranges of St. Louis MO. Marked "Quick Meal". 
Original nickel plating, one only.

Most lifter and shaker handles are designed for use with specific brands of stoves.
 If your stove maker is not represented above, let us know and we'll check our stock of salvaged parts. For shakers, please specify if it must accept a square, triangular or other style grate bolt.

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