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Oven Door Thermometers and Components
for Wood & Gas Ranges

Oven Door Thermometer

Oven Door Thermometer

American Thermometer Company Thermometer

New replacement thermometer with nickel trim ring. Fits minimum opening of 2 9/16". Overall diameter of trim ring 3". Secures with spring clip. Marked "made in China" on lower face.
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New replacement thermometer with nickel trim ring fits 3" opening. 7/8" deep. Bolt holes measure 4" center to center.
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Restored original  ATC (American Thermometer Company) thermometer. Fits minimum 2 9/16" opening. 1 1/8" deep. Adjustable for bolt holes from 3" to 4 5/8" apart on center. One available.
Majestic Range Oven Thermometer

Oven Thermometer Trim Ring

Regarding thermometer accuracy ... Bi-metallic thermometers placed in the oven door such as the ones pictured here are of limited accuracy. If a more precise measurement is required, we suggest an oven thermometer centrally placed  inside the oven. 

Restored original  Majestic Range Company thermometer with illustration of ship.  Fits minimum 2 9/16" opening. 1 3/16" deep. Fits bolt holes about 4" apart. One available.
New thermometer trim rings same as used in our restored thermometers. Spun in brass and nickel plated. Measures 2 9/16" diameter and 3/4" deep.

Replacement Glass
2 1/2" or 3" diameter.

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