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Steel Range Bases

Majestic Range, no base Majestic Range

Many early ranges did not rest on a base or legs.
An example is the Majestic steel range shown at left.

Monarch Range with Leg Base
Monarch with
Leg Base

After the turn of the century, most companies finished off the bottoms of their stoves with either a cabinet or a leg base. Some companies offered models in both styles, such as Monarch, shown at left. Note that the leg model does not have a lower closet because there wasn't room for it.

Monarch Range with Cabinet Base
Monarch with
Cabinet Base and
Low Closet

We offer a reproduction Monarch cabinet base that is suitable for use with many brands of stoves. Besides providing a finished look, the cabinet base increases the height of the stove by about 2 inches.

Cabinet bases are available either finished or unfinished, with prices from $245 to $525 for most stoves. Please call or e-mail for details.

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