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Triple Effect No. 17 Removable Trivet

Triple Effect No.17
Gas Heater

Stove Top
Fire Chamber

The No. 17 was the largest of three sizes offered in this style. A powerful heater, it effectively takes cool air from the floor, heats it with a cast iron heat exchanger, and sends it back into the room via the middle five vertical tubes. The center five-inch pipe can be extended to heat a second floor room above.

The stove has two cast-iron burners, and one or both may be used, offering a wide range of heat adjustment. Mica windows provide a view of the flame. The stove is fitted with a modern safety pilot, and no electricity is required for it to function.

Decorative Side Panel

Original green porcelain enamel trim. Gas manifold and valves are nickel-plated.

Decorative Leg

Gas Valves Mica Windows

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